Black and White

What makes us happy? Feel refreshed? New, contented, renewed? It depends. Often it is the lack in life that creates fulfillment. Meeting a need or craving and it's oh so sweet. Don't we tend to want what we don't have in the here and now? Sitting around a lot, suddenly a long walk is heaven. On the run all day, a cozy spot on the couch is divine. Lots of tension? A massage is just the ticket. Quiet days? Noise delights. Crazy loud environment and silence becomes golden. The fact is, we may be creatures of habit but we NEED contrast. Why is yoga so much to so many? Because most days for most of us we simply don't get to explore the body's range of motion. In yoga, we enjoy the chance to stretch to our limits, literally! Not to mention slowing down the mind, shutting off the rapid fire thoughts of the day.

Lately the cool of winter has relented and hinted at heat to come. I love the seasons, this enduring contrast of nature. What is the contrast of the universe? Expansion of all will someday compress, will time reverse? Fascinating. Wish I could sit down and chat with Einstein 'bout it.

For a moment, let's all focus on that aspect of our life we have not explored, where we have yet to exist, or maybe rarely have. For it is here that happiness rests. And it will constantly change.


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