Tempus Fugit

The title of this post is Latin, thank you Romans, thank you Virgil perhaps. It literally means "time flees". I think to another saying, "time flies". I noticed this Latin phrase mentioned on a yoga blog I like to read. It makes me think of my dad, he liked to quote things here and there, in Latin and other languages too.

In some ways this pithy summation is true of 2009, and all years before really. My second niece was born this year, my father passed away. Makes me think of another saying, "time stops for no one". That draws me to a book I read today, The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse. It is the story of a young girl raised by dolphins when she is lost at sea. She is taken from this oceanic family to civilization and named Mila, miracle. There are well-intentioned people around her, but her own wisdom is so very strong. She loves music and they share Mozart with her, which she adores. She wants to meet him. As her doctor explains that he is dead but his music lives on, the doctor shares that their research on her and of her life will also last beyond the present, "It will not wash away like the waves on the sand." Mila reflects on this deeply and replies:

"Each sunset, each wave is something to see once and never again. Is that not special too?"


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