Algonquian poem

As we gaze upward at the cold, clear and scintillating sky this December, we may see meteors abound, and shimmering stars winking down on us. We might reflect on this Native American poem.

We are the stars which sing,
We sing with our light;
We are the birds of fire,
We fly over the sky.
We look down on the mountains
This is the song of the stars.

Om Shanti, (Om means the sound of the universe, Shanti means peace)


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E. Michelle said...

I love Native American poems because they loved the Earth and they acknowledged the Earth as an outer manifestation of their inner selves. I've read that there are some Native American shamans who are shape shifters so they would be able to easily gain the perspective of a bird, or fire or anything. I think when you release the belief that you are this solid looking human body, you are easily able to shape shift during meditation.

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