The sixth month is here!

June. One of the most promising months of the year, in more ways than one! In the northern hemisphere, June contains the most longest days of sunlight. So slather on that sunscreen and let's go outside! The birth stone is a pearl, and the flower is a rose. Does any other month smell so sweet?

The name June (Juno) comes from Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and Households, so this is a lovely time to notice many wedding occurring. From gardens to churches to Vegas, the numbers of unions are high this month! There are many fun celebration days in June, so read below to find a few that you might enjoy this week! This is courtesy of author Susan Wittig Albert via her monthly newsletter, All About Thyme!

June is National Iced Tea Month (Drink up!!)
June 2: Today is the feast day of St. Elmo, the patron saint of sailors.
June 3: St. Morand's Day, patron saint of vintners, wine growers, wine makers.
June 4: Hug Your Cat Day. Somewhere, a cat is waiting for a hug. Don't disappoint her. (A bouquet of catnip might be nice, too.)
June 5: National Gingerbread Day. (Why this doesn't take place in December is a great mystery.)

And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days. —James Russell Lowell

We will see you in June for Yoga. Stay tuned for outdoor experiences, Sunny Salutations, and lovely moments!


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