Vernal Equinox

Ahhhh. March is progressing, and we have passed the Ides unscathed. Hyacinths are budding up so quickly now, and the first daffodils are blooming tentatively in my front yard. The dear lily of the valley pips are poking through the mulch, and irises are raising their pointed blades with valor, as if daring winter to return! Lilacs are waving hello with new green fingertips, and tulips are unfurling satin leaves like jubilant flags. On March 20th, at 11:44am, we will find ourselves once more at the vernal equinox. Without any external calendar, my enduring jade friends all over the yard already know this, spring is arriving!

The vernal equinox will mark the point at which the very center of the sun will lie directly above the equator, rising, climbing, poised, and then our blue planet will begin to tip this lovely northern hemisphere oh so gently yet powerfully towards warmth, summer, light, and growth. The word Equinox stems from latin ( meaning equal and night) and informs us that on this particular 24 hour cycle, day and night will be of the same length, light and dark totally balanced in the present moment. The word Vernal also stems from latin and refers to Spring, bringing to mind many fitting words for me right now, verve, verse, verdad (truth), and versatile. If you want, savor this precious minute on Friday morning and enjoy it by taking a few deep breaths of spring air!

I hope your trek into spring will be one of gentle breezes, kissing sun, peaceful breaths, and mindful joys. I will end with a quote today (from a dove chocolate no less) "Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances." May we allow the bliss of spring to enter our hearts, and envelope any troubles that exist for us this season.


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