Yoga in the Ninth Month

September is here and with it comes just a hint of autumn. Trees are starting to drop a leaf or two, and although it's been a sauna in K.C. lately, the temperature will soon take a refreshing dip. Students are back to school, adjusting to early mornings and new topics of learning. August has held a slightly less yoga -connected series of weeks for me, but now we are revving back up as the crisp days lay out before us. Starting this week, I will be teaching two yoga classes a week. Wednesday nights we will have class 6:30 to 7:30 at Barefoot Fitness Studio. This will be a smaller class where I hope to tailor the class to the students.

Wednesday afternoons, I will be teaching a class at the school where I teach. I have contacted the district and will be working with them to offer a class right after school, for one hour. I am very excited for this chance to bring yoga to teachers and other staff each week. Over 20 people have expressed interest, and it will be so nice to see the beneficial effects of yoga ripple through our educational center. Schools are amazing. So many things happen in them each day, it feels like a giant cell sometimes. Energy enters, thoughts and knowledge are exchanged, it seems to have a vivid pulse as the daily schedule unfolds. I know the yoga class will add to the harmony of the school.

Starting September 16th, I will be teaching a 5:30 pm to 6:30 class at Jiva Studio. Teaching yoga in three different locations each week offers the chance to be creative, and not fall into a routine. My yoga goal for the month is to continue to create fresh and new classes that challenge and energize those that attend.

Finally, I will be attending level 2 training through Yoga Fit. I have heard there will be a very advanced teacher so I am excited to experience another view of yoga as I develop my own. I am ready to consider new poses and contemplate the philosophy of yoga, perhaps bringing more of this to the classes I teach.

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