No need to stumble to be humble.

What is humility? In its true form, it's amazing. When I chance across it in everyday life I feel a sparkle settle over my spirit which is energizing and delightful. Self-deprecating friend. Endearing one. Humble fellow human. The opposite of ego. I am so honored when I encounter humility. I am awed. I am inspired. How do each of us encourage humility without becoming a trampling block? Without falsely letting go of our very true and real strengths?

We can do so in a way that makes me think of my dear friend, the Dalai Lama. No we have not met but I guess I see us as "kindred spirits" of sorts, perhaps that is not humble. I will simply say I am his admirer. He has a term that he likes to use and he calls it "warm-heartedness". I think humility is often practiced when we put on our warm heartedness like a cozy vest. Think of it as a thinking cap, but one of social form rather than an internal mental aid. When we are humble, we are often thinking of others in a kind and respectful way, and not overly focusing on the self. We are allowing ourselves to have a sense of humor about our self and this comes across and truly is a generous and pleasant way to live. It's essentially... LETTING GO OF EXPECTATIONS! One cornerstone of a natural and fulfilling yoga practice. Not simple or easy to obtain, I think the old adage that pride goeth before a fall could also be stated in this way: "experience preceeds humility." When we let go of a false inflated sense of self, we reveal a happier, more grateful soul that is much more comfortable to live with and within. So, let go. Release pride, no need to fall. Simply throw on a humble mien like a comfy old blanket and settle in this place. I think you and I will find it to be such a delightful niche in which to perch and interact with the world around. I certainly aspire to this humble place. Perhaps a humble home is the best one of all.


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