To do yoga, you must give yourself a little trust. How else can you let go? Think of other times in life you had to left go. Here are a few that pop into my mind. That moment when I took off down the road with just two wheels on my bike. The day I sat in my dorm room at college, kinda all alone in a new way. You had to trust something. Yourself. This feeling is not always easy to cultivate, and it's possibly stronger in those that have had a lot of support from others, and sometimes maybe also strong in those who have had to be self-reliant as well. It comes from patience and kindness towards yourself, maybe one of the original forms of self-esteem. How have you truly treated yourself with esteem lately? If you haven't, consider how you might. And when you find this feeling, try to bring it to yoga. It's not about perfection, or the best form, or the most bend. It's about letting go.


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