Are you on the D List???

You may have heard discussion lately over one of the hottest vitamins around: the Big D! Some recent research has shown that a chunk of us don't have enough D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble secosteriod and is produced in your skin upon exposure to you guessed it: sunlight! While you don't want to give up sunscreen and avoiding our solar friend at his strongest is still wise, a few minutes of sun per day DOES give you enough D to be healthy. Once generated, Vit D heads to the liver and other areas and helps regulate calcium metabolism and bone health, and may even aid healthier hair too!

So...the big question is where do you get Vitamin D in hazy shade of winter? Well even mild sun exposure is not a bad idea if you can get out for a walk on a sunny day here and there. In your diet be sure to examine labels, and to cover all the bases a multivitamin is a great idea. If you look to your diet for sources of D, consider drinking fortified milk, fatty fish, mushrooms, eggs and meat. To do a little self analysis, as your physician at your annual physical if you can check your D levels, some forward-thinking practitioners have already added this test to their required list of blood tests, my doc does and I'm happy to report my levels are aok! Remember, always check with your doctor if you're not feeling well, and before you drastically alter your diet or habits, make sure your doc has given you the go ahead. Soon enough we'll be heading out to the garden or pool and easily generating plenty of D. In the meantime, take care of your body and it will take care of you!


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