Meet your Feet.

At my Yoga training today and tomorrow we are discussing the complex and detailed world of human anatomy. It's pretty interesting and all familiar, it makes me wish I could look at the notes from my high school class. What interests me most right now is feet. Seems like a lot of body issues stem from feet. Personally, I think everyone has their own foot story. For example, when I was very little, I was given special shoes for my feet, they thought something was wrong with them, I still don't really know what or why. In sixth grade or so, I came down with pretty severe foot pain, plantar fasciatis probably. I was into wearing very flat Keds. Since I have placed a little arch support in my feet, tried to wear better shoes, and of course, I activate my feet in yoga, and I think it all helps, because I often stand for 10+ hours a day without too much pain, and I'm active in soccer and other athletic endeavors. I do think it's imperative to listen to your own feet and get in touch with them.

Walking barefoot is a great way to start. Mindfully walk around 3 or so minutes, trying to lift your arches, minimally contacting the floor with heel and base of toes. Personally, my arches are a bit low, and I'm sure this plays out in my calves, legs, hips, back and neck. In fact, I believe my migraines can be partially caused by wearing heels, my body simply isn't made for them. Consider the complexity of a foot, there is more than meets the eye! Read below for an idea of the intricacy!

The foot and ankle contain:

* 26 bones each(One-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet)
* 33 joints
* more than 100 muscles, tendons (fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones), and ligaments (fibrous tissues that connect bones to other bones)
* a network of blood vessels, nerves, skin, and soft tissue.

Pretty amazing. So, the take home message is appreciate your feet. If you stand all day, elevate 'em at night. If you sit a lot get out there in the evening and move those legs! Treat them well, and listen to them, and they will serve you well for life. After all, our feet take us exactly where we want to go. ;)


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