Living Yoga

August has arrived quickly, the summer flowing by as it is likely to do. I have done yoga all summer for which I am grateful. Some fun places I have experienced yoga include my hotel workout room at the Westin in Baltimore, on the sunny shores of San Diego pre-surf lesson (see photo, Vanessa and I in dancer), in a small yoga apartment in Manhattan, KS, with a gifted teacher of great peace, and of course at the Barefoot Fitness Studio. I have felt joy experiencing yoga in a variety of places, both with good friends, and by myself also. May your yoga journey also allow you to find the warm embrace of life wherever you are.

In addition, I have read an interesting book this summer, one which has greatly opened my eyes both to the fragility yet resiliency of life, and to the wonder of this planet. If you enjoy science, history, geology, evolution, or just a good story consider checking out A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson. You will not be disappointed.


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