Yoga Under the Sky

So you may have been practicing yoga for a while. Your down dogs are feeling more comfortable and your tree branches are shaking less. You are feeling greater flexibility, better breath awareness, and stronger stabilizing muscles throughout your body. What better way to give your practice a lovely mix up than to take your mat outside!

Practicing yoga outside has many potential benefits. These include:

  • The sounds we encounter connect us with nature and humanity.
  • It brings us directly to the energy of the world.
  • Little differences in a living surface of the earth and grass can make balancing a bigger challenge.
  • Being in nature can help us feel outside our concerns as well, giving perspective.
  • The sunshine can foster vitamin D production, and feelings of bliss.
  • Deep breathing can take on a new facet as our sense of smell carries the ecosystem around us into our practice.
We hope you can join us at Loose Park, May 9th at 10am, for a little Yoga Under the Sky!


1 comment:

E. Michelle said...

Sounds like fun, wish I could be there!

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