A Yoga Poem

In this time of tumultuous weather, changing landscapes, and restlessness, we can always find a comfortable and beautiful place on the mat. Here is a poem about Sun Salutes to keep in mind, found on this Web Page, it is written by Lenore Horowitz, thanks to her for allowing us to read it here. Perhaps as the weather warms, we can find a moment to experience a Sun Salutation outdoors, facing the glowing sol.

Sun Salute

Stand firm on the axis
of your two arches.
Head down,
breathe deep of the damp earth
where roots have spread under old leaves.
Raise your arms slowly,
face turning like a daffodil
still wet from night's dew
until sun's beams
warm your coat of many colors,
and eyes open, astonished
at the golden glow
pulsing to arms
which lift weightless,
drawn by heart's gravity
to salute the sun.


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