Bringing Yoga to Work.

Today was a day off, sort of, I didn't teach 100+ rambunctious students so anything is pretty relaxing compared to that. From 8 to 11 am we had teacher meetings and a water quality presentation, then from 11 on, entering grades and getting ready for the new semester. I kinda overdid it. I could have left at 1pm because I had special permission, but I just kept doing more. I moved a large tree that weighs about 100 pounds. Really I did, I had to slide the pot onto a big flattened cardboard box and haul it across the room. Then I wanted a table up front and hauled/slide that, probably weighs 50 pounds and went about 40 feet, I have a lengthy science room. Whew. Exhaustion. My left arm was already a little sore from falling at my soccer game, I won't go into why a yoga lady fell kicking a free kick with no one anywhere near ;) I'm trying to figure that one out right now, definitely a lack of mind body connection at that moment!

Many of us can get into a zone at work. We soldier on, trying to get things done or squeeze to much into a short time frame. If we bring breathing to work, we bring yoga. Any time you find yourself rushing or stressing or just overdoing it, try this.

If you're sitting a lot at work, stand up in mountain, and if you're moving around a lot, take a load off, maybe even sit on the floor if you have a comfy spot. Close your eyes, and breath slowly. Think of a calm friendly place in your head and imagine yourself there. Maybe a sunny boardwalk, or a garden filled with beauty. Imagine this for at least 10 breaths, your self is going to resist your self and try to let your mind wander, but stick with it and you will let go at least a little. Let me know how it goes if you try this and if it works for you!


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E. Michelle said...

This is a good reminder to ground yourself and just chill. Every morning as I'm laying in bed right before I wake up I take 8 really deep and complete breaths. My body feels energized afterwords and I am much more focused and ready for my day.

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