Finding Home Wherever you Are!

Many people head home around the holidays. It turns out that his word has many meanings, and that is an understatement! On dictionary.com (click to read them all), there are 31 different definitions or relationships. And just as complex is the experience of returning home. For some of us this trek is a common thing, for others it might be yearly or less. And others may even go to a new place, to be with those important to them and creating home there. No matter how often or where we go, going home can bring us into connection with our past, those things that have shaped us, old roles and expectations that might or might not fit with who we are right now. This can be a very positive thing and may also be a difficult experience at times.

Yoga teaches us to seek and find the present moment and so as we go home, we might be faced with how the present and past get along. If we can allow ourselves to be who we are today, we are able to stay true to our yoga frame of mind. In fact, actually doing some asanas daily (poses) may aid in finding this capacity within ourselves and allow us to relax and shake away from falling into the past. While the old memories can be wonderful, nostalgia may not be and so grounding ourselves in the "right now" will aid in making each journey home a new and fresh delight. Consider sharing what is new and present in your life, and also listening to the present experiences of your loves ones. In addition, as we look forward to a New Year, we will be able to find ourselves happy and at peace, balanced and prepared, yet taking all things as them come.


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